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Authors: Stephanie Lindberg

Wednesday is the last day students can vote in the Associated Students of CSU elections.

ASCSU’s Director of Communications Kristen Reed said Wednesday is the biggest push day of elections. As a result, candidates and ASCSU members will be on the Lory Student Center Plaza again to try and get students to vote. Cam the Ram will also be making an appearance.

Reed said she feels Internet voting is very easy to do. Students vote on Ramweb and can vote from any computer with an Internet connection. Reed said that there is a computer designated for ASCSU voting in every computer lab on campus.

“Voting’s very easy. It’s very accessible to students. We’ll be on the Plaza and in the LSC with laptops so the students can vote,” said Reed, a sophomore speech communications student. “We highly encourage students to vote. It’s an opportunity to have an active voice on campus.”

Reed said ASCSU hopes to have 20 percent of the student population vote, which would be a ten percent improvement on last year’s election.

She thinks the goal will be reached and said one reason there might be more students voting is because this year there are six tickets vying for the executive positions.

“I think it’s definitely an influence,” Reed said. “But I also think that students are more informed (this year).”

As of 11 a.m. on Tuesday, nine percent of the student body had voted.

Tara Jennings, a junior human development and family studies student, voted in the election.

“(I voted) because I want my vote to count,” Jennings said.

Some students said they still feel uninformed about the candidates.

Jessica Anderson, a sophomore open option student, said more information on the candidates would be helpful, such as profiles in the paper and online.

“I don’t know any of the people (running for office),” Anderson said. “I’d just be voting for a random person.”

Students can vote on Ramweb and on the laptops located on the Plaza until 4 p.m. today.

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