War against Iraq is just

Mar 312003

To the Editor:

As a foreign student from Uganda attending CSU, I want to share some views with the Americans who oppose the war effort to remove Saddam Hussein and disarm Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.

I support the United States-led effort to rid the long-suffering Iraqi people of this dictator, and the effort to destroy the chemical and biological weapons that Saddam has produced in violation of UN resolutions.

You might ask why I write these thoughts?

Because unlike most Americans who enjoy living in the peace and comfort of the United States, I am from Africa. This means I have witnessed first-hand the many African tyrants who brutalized their own citizens and threatened their neighbors. Such tyrants should not be allowed to kill and torture their own people. In many instances, like Saddam in Iraq, the only way to remove the dictators, and the secret police and military that support them, is by force of arms from the international community.

Of course this war will bring death and maiming. It always does. However, the strength and technical capabilities of the American and coalition forces are so advanced that the war should be over quickly.

Due to the ferocity of the U.S.’ air and ground attack, there will be more Iraqi soldiers and supporters of Saddam’s regime killed than Americans, coalition troops and innocent Iraqi civilians.

But the point to be made is that the Iraqi casualties will be well worth the price because the final result will be the removal of Saddam and his tyrannical henchmen who, over the years, have killed and maimed far more Iraqis and Muslims than the coalition forces could possibly kill in this war.

Saddam’s removal will set a precedent. Hopefully, the Americans and its allies will consider removing other tyrants and dictators who bring so much misery to the people so unfortunate to live under their iron rule.

In this way, America can once again be seen around the world as the true savior of civilized human beings.

Robert Serunjogi

Freshman Political Science

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