Schneider’s column unfair

Mar 312003

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to David Schneider’s Monday opinion column entitled, “ASCSU Elections: Your vote counts.” Publish in Monday’s edition, I feel this column painted an uninformed and unfair pictured of my campaign for ASCSU Vice President.

Schneider said in his column how he had met with and listened to all of the candidates. Neither Brendan Burns nor I ever met with and talked to him. We had one brief conversation over the phone, and then only to clarify what we would be sending him via e-mail. At this time (March 28) we did try to set up an interview before the story’s deadline (March 30), but he told us he would be out of town Saturday and did not have time.

Schneider also mentioned in his column how the ideas in our platform lacked “tangibility or usefulness.” How is the idea of setting up a program giving free, safe, and sober rides home to CSU students useless? What isn’t tangible about getting a tiny amount of funding to plant a tree in the name of a deceased student? Brendan and I purposely built our platform on ideas that can be accomplished during next year’s term and actively campaign on the fact that almost all of our ideas can easily be accomplished.

If David Schneider does not want to consider us front-runners in the election, that is his right as a member of the free press. He should, however, take the time to present a more balanced view of this election.

We would like to be considered as the election’s proverbial “dark horse.” The race is on.

Joseph B. Marshall, IV

ASCSU Vice Presidential Candidate

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