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Authors: Christopher J. Ortiz

Colorado State is eliminating 160 positions, cutting merit scholarships by half and proposing a 10 percent tuition increase all in effort to meet the state’s budget cut demands.

The university announced earlier this year it would have to make some cuts responding to budget pressure, but did not give specific numbers or details.

In a letter to the university community CSU President Albert C. Yates addressed what areas were going to be affected by position eliminations.

Those areas include custodial services, landscaping and facilities project management, among other departments.

In effort to cut nearly $29 million, the university is also reducing support for university events, cutbacks in institutional publications, reorganization of central academic and administrative computing, reductions in staff support for advising undeclared majors, reduction in sports team budgets, and reductions in support for instructional and classroom technology.

The result students can expect from these reductions is an increase in class size and course availability.

“I am not aware when a state made reductions of 27 percent in one year, its enormous. It the context of cuts, these are our best judgments,” said Gerry Bomotti, vice president for administration.

The university is also planning to hire more part-time faculty to fill in course schedules without hiring permanent faculty, said CSU Provost/Academic Vice President Peter Nicholls. He also said administrative support, which is already thin, will get thinner.

CSU will see a slight increase in incoming freshmen next fall, probably around 2 percent, Nicholls said, less than the 3.1 percent increase this year from last year.

“Clearly when you have an increase in tuition and a decrease in aid, it has a negative impact. It’s something we regret, but bear in mind what is happening to higher education. We are trying to absorb these cuts and maintain the quality of higher education,” Nicholls said.

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