CSU professor leaves legacy

Mar 312003
Authors: Patrick Crossland

Friends and colleagues remember David Allen as a unique contributor to the Department of Political Science.

“David was a very singular character in a completely positive sense,” said Bill Chaloupka, chair of the department. “The way he presented himself and went about his job was very unique.”

Allen, a political science professor and chair of the Faculty Council, died Thursday afternoon after 15 years as a CSU faculty member.

Chaloupka said friends and fellow faculty used to joke with Allen, saying he was the only member of the department with a tailor. He was known for wearing his academic robe on the first day of class.

“It was not only something he was comfortable wearing, but part of his presentation and a way to explain who he was and where he was coming from,” Chaloupka said.

Despite his formal dress, Chaloupka said Allen was never stuffy or domineering, but rather approachable and caring.

“He cared very deeply about students and took enormous pride when a student did well,” Chaloupka said.

Allen taught difficult courses and was demanding of his students. Despite his demand for excellence, Allen was close to his students, Chaloupka said.

“He had a significant group of students through the years who were very fond of him,” he said.

Allen was also known for his involvement with the Hansard Internship, which provides students with an opportunity to intern with the British House of Commons.

“CSU is one of the most active schools (with the program) because of David’s work,” Chaloupka said.

Allen taught law and method courses and devoted himself to his work, Chaloupka said.

“They will always be David’s courses,” he said. “Ten or twenty years from now older faculty members will think of those courses as his.”

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