Mar 312003
Authors: Collegian Staff

Applications have been read and applicants interviewed, so the next step for the Presidential Advisory Committee is to discuss which applicants will be sent to the Board of Governors of the CSU System.

The advisory committee will meet on Friday, when they will decide which candidates will be presented to the board.

The committee has reviewed applications for the position through small sub-groups, where they conducted the preliminary interviews. The meeting Friday will bring the whole committee together to review the information gathered in the sub-groups. They will put together their recommendations for the Board of Governors.

Once their recommendations are sent to the Board of Governors, those applicants will have reached the final selection for the position of president of CSU.

It is up to the Board of Governors to announce the finalists for the position.

After the finalists are selected, the next step will be to schedule a campus visit. The board has yet to announce how many finalists will be scheduled to visit CSU.

“The Board of Governors set a timeline to have a leader in place by the summer. The depth of quality of this pool leads me to believe that we will be able to meet the timeline and fill the position with a top-quality individual,” said Donald Hamstra, vice president of the board and chairman of the search advisory committee.

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