A few of my favorite things

Mar 302003
Authors: Joshua Pilkington

To the tune of “My Favorite Things” from “The Sound of Music”

Peanuts and Hot Dogs with game-winning homers,

30 different teams hoping to reach October,

Milestones for Sammy and a healthy Griffey,

These are a few of my favorite things

Underdogs winning with last minute upsets,

Number one’s losing and no one knows what’s next,

Boeheim and Williams going to New Orleans,

These are a few of my favorite things

When my team chokes,

My brackets broke,

T.J. Ford? His game’s mad,

I simply remember my favorite things and then I don’t feel so bad.

CSU with some talent and I’m not talking football

A13-game winning streak for the women of softball,

Track athletes shoveling snow four feet deep

These kinds of things just cannot be beat

Women’s b-ball still playing with Ferrucho on fire

Men’s team taking the Dukies down to the wire

The best in the nation competing in the Mt. Sac Relays

They don’t get respect and don’t care anyway

When the wind blows,

When it’s real cold

When it snows in May

I simply remember my favorite things and then everything’s okay.

Watching the Angels win games six and seven

Reading David Wells rip apart Roger Clemens

Bonds’ head getting bigger every game that he plays

It could be the steroids, but hey, who’s to say?

Avalanche heading to another postseason,

Planning revenge for Detroit in game seven,

Nuggets hoping to make LeBron James a lock

Once again, the Bengals are on the clock

When the Cubs lose

The Red Sox too

The Yankees … they’re back,

I simply remember my favorite things and don’t worry about any of that.

Spring in the Rockies means spring football practice

A little overrated, but brings fans by the masses

Sonny Lubick? He’s staying right here,

Will Marcus Houston suit up this year?

CSU athletes at the top of their classes

Makes Oklahoma look like a school of athletic dumb—es,

Thousands of fans stand to honor our country,

Soldiers, true heroes, fight to keep us free

When sports become,

More than just fun,

But a way of life,

I simply remember my favorite things and then begin to feel all right.

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