The weekend in rock

Mar 262003
Authors: Casey Cisneros

Weekend in rock

Tired of preachy punk primadonnas that only talk

about anarchy, manic-panic and how much they hate the

president? If you still want to go to a show that has

hard-hitting punk rock with one hell of a stage show

that leaves nothing to the imagination, then show up

at the Starlight tonight. Tonight the San Diego band

Losing Balance is going to tear into this Colorado

crowd with their fast paced, high-energy punk music.

The show starts at 10 p.m. and the tickets are $5 for 21+ and $10 for people under

21. It is going to be a must see punk rock orgy.

On Friday the KRFC Musicfest 2003 kicks off and will

be going on all weekend. The Musicfest is set up to

showcase various local bands, with music for people of

all ages and musical tastes. It will be going on at

many of the local bars and restaurants in the Fort

Collins area.

Friday night at Archers, the band TransHypnotic will

take the stage. This Denver-based band brings dreamy

lyrics, rock ‘n’ roll guitar harmonies and a stream of

bass and drums together to make an original blend of

hard rock. Something so fresh everyone will want a

taste. The cover is $6.

Saturday night is either a laid back acoustic night

or loud hard-core indie rock night, you pick. At

Starry Night, Joe Kissel will be hosting the acoustic

showcase with Kevin Jones, Judith Avers and Kirsten

Bolton, Russ Hopkins, Lissie and Keith Tracy.

Donations are encouraged.

The two-piece indie powerhouse Jucifer will be

playing at the Starlight the same night. The

lead-singer/guitarist, Amber Valentine, plays a heavy

and raging guitar while she mixes her singing up,

going from a melodic pop sound to primal screaming. Ed

Livengood, the other half of the band, fills the air

with chaotic drum fills and hard rock rhythms. This

band is an indie rock fan’s dream. Tickets are $8.

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