Mar 262003
Authors: JR Peacock

What’s better then good Chinese food? Well, a lot of things. However, cheap Chinese food rules! Continuing on my journey of good cheap eats in the Fort, today I am going to talk about a couple of hidden gems in the world of Asian food. I say Asian because to me it encompasses many different cuisines.

I will start with the closest place to campus: Tiger Lily, located where Consuelo’s used to be, by McDonald’s on West Elizabeth Street. Having been open for about a month, I decided to give it a try in my continuous journey for the hidden eating gems of Ft. Collins. Myself and a fellow cohort we will call “Spang-dawg” went and got carryout. I got cashew chicken and white rice and he got the sesame chicken. “Spang-dawg” made a claim about the uber-goodness of his food by stating “wow, this is really, really ridiculously good.”

Staying on track with my perfect ideals of a college dinner costing between $5-10, Tiger Lily was right on the money (no pun intended) at between $7-8 per entr/e, which of course depends on what you order. The portions were large and the food was great. Very healthy Chinese food.

Overall Rating: Close to campus, tasted great (both dishes) and a must-try if you are looking for good quality Chinese food at a decent price.

Next place is a little restaurant called Saigon Grill at 755 Lemay Ave., right by Blockbuster. At any rate I heard about this place through a friend. It’s a bit off the beaten path from you people who lurk only near campus. But it is worth the effort.

Try one of their noodle bowls, which are in the back of the menu. I have had the chicken, egg roll, and tofu. They are all great and around $6. It is a heaping portion of food in a big bowl with an assortment of noodles, whatever topping you get, and just a bunch of good stuff.

Rating: A bit more of a drive but worth the food, plus I always have leftovers.

Finally, the best damn Asian food in Ft. Collins: Young’s Caf/ Vietnamese Cuisine. It’s located at 3307 S. College Ave. (right by Wild Oats Market). This is the best Asian food I have ever had in my life. No matter what you order, it is good. The dinners are a bit more expensive but you also get a lot for the portion, plus you must remember you are eating at a very upscale Asian restaurant. But if you are on a budget (and don’t feel like a full dinner) try their lunch specials. Which brings me to my next point: Thursday’s lunch special is amazing: sesame chicken, soup, spring roll, and fried rice, for around $6.70.

Rating: This is an outstanding meal deserving of my brand-new but highly coveted: “Holy Sh*t this is good!” award.

So with that I conclude this week’s restaurant reviewing process. I am just trying to expose you people to some downright good food here in the Fort. So take it for what you want and enjoy your eating experiences. By the way send an e-mail if you have any suggestions for restaurants or living …

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