Mar 242003

Yesterday, I was walking across campus watching others protesting the war with Iraq and trying to promote peace, so I stopped to hear what they had to say. After about a 10 minute informational session on the why’s and why not’s of war, I turn to this individual and asked, “How do you think the slumping economy has effected your chances of landing a job?”

My war mentor looked at me and said with confidence, “I’ve already got a job lined up”. Then I asked him what incentives made him take this job? He looked at me and said, “Are you crazy!” No company is paying bonuses right now. Laughing I said, “I’m talking about if they have matching contributions to your retirement 401K plan or are you strictly going to fund your own IRA.” He looked at me with a puzzled faced and said “Huh?”

This is my point exactly. I think many college students are missing the boat. While current geopolitical issues are most definitely worth taking notice, it is important to focus on domestic issues as well. As a fee-paying student, I feel absolutely cheated that the university that I look up to is unable to teach its students basic financial literacy that is essential in life.

Students should focus protests towards this very inability in addition to global issues. CSU as an organization has taught me nothing about how to manage my own money, plan for retirement or simply ask questions to employers about benefits and investment opportunities.

Thankfully my best friend got me into a club here on campus that picks up the slack that CSU administrators have left behind. This investment club, called Academy of Young Investors, covers these issues and so much more. I feel I should be paying them my tuition instead of CSU, as they have taught me more in one semester about real life then most of my classes have in four years. I now know how to be financially independent and have some real knowledge that will impact me for the rest of my life. Thanks, AYI.

Eric Wiese

Senior Marketing & Finance

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