Mar 242003
Authors: the Collegian Editorial Board

CSU has recently announced a master plan that outlines various changes for campus.

One priority is changing the campus to become more pedestrian-friendly. To do this, CSU wants to establish a “pedestrian core” that would be in the center of campus, stretching from Meridian Avenue to College Avenue and from the Lory Student Center parking lot to the Microbiology/Biochemistry Building.

Bike paths from the city will be connected to future bike paths and the overall effort will be to eliminate cars and traffic congestion from the center of campus. This, say university administrators, will allow students better, and quicker, access to the main area of campus.

Many students who were accustomed to driving into the heart of campus might find this a nuisance when they discover they can’t do that anymore. But long-term, this is the right direction for CSU to take.

Cutting off the core of campus will help people get here easier. It will also mean students will be able to freely walk and ride to campus without competing with automobiles. It will also make transportation for pedestrians and drivers safer.

Cutting off streets and centralizing the campus core could also make the area more aesthetically appealing – clearing the way for more trees, grassy areas and art.

The only potential downfall would be if CSU forgot to take measures making it easier for students to get to campus without a car, but CSU is working on that also.

The bike paths are one step, but the master plan also includes working with the city to get a train public transportation system – similar to light rail in Denver – to run along the train tracks that run through campus located just east of the oval.

There are also other plans to build a parking garage on the outskirts of campus when the campus has its pedestrian core.

Of course, many of us will be long-graduated by the time all this takes place and current budget woes will stall these plans, but the proposed changes will be good for campus – whenever these changes can become reality.

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