Mar 242003

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the ASCSU elections, because I believe there are concerns that all students need to be aware of. At the beginning of the election period, all candidates were asked to sign a contract vowing ethical campaigning.

By signing this contract, the rest of the candidates and myself promised to rise above the mudslinging and name-calling that can occur in national elections. We acknowledged that what is best for this student body is a fair and honest election, where votes are based on the candidates with the most heart, the best ideas, and the most Ram Pride.

This, however, is not what is happening. In the past week, candidates’ posters have been taken down, brochures have been stolen, and 60 T-shirts have had paint poured on them. In addition to these things, I have had my name dragged through the mud, with accusations about my reputation and nasty names scrawled on white boards all across campus.

I am writing this letter to encourage the student body to look beyond the campaigns that feel this is the best way to win your vote. I encourage you all to realize the importance of ASCSU elections and to educate yourself about the candidates and their platforms.

I urge you to cast your vote based solely on the facts, information, and who you believe to be the best candidates. Please prove to the ASCSU candidates that dirty politics and slander have no place on this campus.

Thank you,

Melissa Snow

ASCSU vice-presidential candidate

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