Mar 232003

To the Editor:

I ride the Transfort bus to and from school every day, and have for the past year and a half. I would like to bring to your attention the need for two buses running in the afternoons or another suitable solution.

Transfort needs to be more mindful of the overpopulated buses, mainly the routes that run west of campus. Many days I wait at the bus stop in front of Durrell, to catch the Route 3 bus, and too many times I have been told there is no room on the bus, leaving me, usually in bad weather, to walk home over one mile. Many instances this has made me sick for the following week or so.

It is apparent that this problem on Route 3 starts at campus, before even leaving, where people get asked to wait for the next bus, 30 minutes away. This screws up people’s schedules, and again, many times bad weather is a factor, since so many more people ride the bus in bad conditions.

This is not right and something needs to be done to change this. This happened to me Monday, in the pouring rain, and my roommate, who was on the bus, said there was plenty of room if people would move back. Just because there are people at the yellow line does not mean that the bus is at maximum capacity.

Something needs to be done. Either make sure that Transfort’s drivers look to see if people could move back before assuming it is full, or another bus should be used in the afternoons.

Please take this into consideration. This has happened too much and it’s not fair when people are depending on your service to have to find alternative ways home.

Sarah Lewis

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