Mar 232003
Authors: Rod Rodriguez

Democracy! Isn’t that such a fun word? Doesn’t it just make you squirm with excitement? It makes me want to go right out, eat some Freedom Toast, and give someone a Liberty Lick, baby! Democracy makes me feel good. Now what can make one feel better than democracy?

Answer: The joy of sharing democracy with others!

We will soon be bringing democracy and freedom to the wonderful people of Iraq. They will soon know what it feels like to be an American and share in the joys of a juicy burger and some Freedom Fries. Ah yes, democracy, isn’t it grand? So let’s examine American democracy and our President’s history with democracy.

I’m sure we’ll find outright love and compassion for mankind. Ok, you can start laughing now.

Saddam Hussein was re-elected to Iraq’s presidency not too long ago by nearly 100 percent of voters. However, this was an unfair election because of two reasons: First, not everyone was allowed to vote and in a democracy, like the United States, everyone’s vote counts; and secondly, because of governmental interference.

This certainly has not happened in America and definitely not in Florida.

In the 2000 Presidential election, Florida asked for help in determining how many Floridian voters were ex-felons and who should have their right to vote stripped (Florida is one of only 13 states still employing this law).

Despite the fact that Katherine Harris, Secretary of State of Florida and Bush/Cheney campaign volunteer, ordered the voting rights of 8,000 “ex-felons” to be stripped, ex-felons who had never actually committed a felony and who were almost entirely African-American or from low socio-economic backgrounds (i.e. Gore supporters), she still felt it necessary to employ ChoicePoint, a Georgia based company, to strip even more Americans of their basic Constitutional rights. This is a new phenomena I am calling VWB – Voting While Black.

Choice Point, and its subsidiaries, compiled a list of 176,000 legal Florida voters, most who were law-abiding citizens, some who were ex-felons from other states. Though they retained the right to vote in their home state, they had their right to vote revoked in the state of Florida despite the fact that this was unconstitutional (see Article IV, Section 1 of the United States Constitution). But when has the U.S. government ever followed United States law?

Most of the “illegal” voters on that list, mostly African-American and/or from low-socioeconomic backgrounds, were considered illegal because they were “felons” (even though, again, they weren’t felons) and came from one single state. Now what kind of backwards state could openly allow so many of its own people to be wrongfully stripped of their legal rights? If you said Texas, you must be noticing a pattern.

So where do elections like this happen? Where can complete, obvious, and undenied governmental influence be allowed to exist? Iraq! Where the Kurds aren’t allowed to vote, the government, their leader, and his family are allowed to fix an election, and where its citizens live in a country of complete inequality.

It certainly is a good thing we are going over there to fix the Iraqi government.

Leave it to America to set a good example.

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