Mar 232003

To the Editor:

The war has started and will soon be over. The dictator Saddam will be gone. Bush said this war is being fought to disarm Iraq and remove any chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons. Once Iraq is subdued, he will have achieved this end.

But in the process, Bush has made millions of people mad at him. Like battling the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, smashing one danger may only create tens, hundreds, thousands, millions more angry Muslims and Arabs. The most important resource terrorists have is anger, and without anger, terrorists do nothing.

If Bush is truthful that his aim is to avoid future terrorism, he must stop when he has won and completely turn over Iraq to the UN or other neutral body to aid them to become a democracy. Bush should support Iraq’s recovery with money only, not troops or administration.

Once the world sees that Bush was honest, and after he leaves Iraq after achieving his stated goal, the world will grudgingly think that the United States did the best thing and begin to believe again in United States morality.

But if the United States stays in Iraq and takes all the contracts for United States companies, then the world will realize that Bush’s ideal is not democracy, but oil.

Tom Trottier

Ottawa, Canada resident

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