Mar 202003

To the Editor:

For a school so concerned about safety, it was reckless for CSU to open at all amidst a blizzard Tuesday. School officially closed at 2 p.m., but this was far too late in the day.

By the time I woke up (about 8 a.m.), it was very dangerous to drive. I was frantically calling the handy hotline, 491-SNOW. I was astonished that school wasn’t closed. I was outraged that the powers that be hadn’t already decided to cancel school. Despite four-wheel drive, I barely made it out of my parking lot. I felt unsafe driving the one mile from my house to the Clark lot, which, despite being some of the most coveted parking on campus, was half-empty.

Now, the school is left in an awkward position. I’m sure that quite a few people were in accidents trying to get to school Tuesday, and I know that still others are stuck on campus when they should be at home.

I don’t even know who makes this decision, but I’m very angry. The next time there’s almost half a foot of snow by sunrise and the weather report is warning that it’s just the tip of the iceberg, let’s all stay safely at home. When it’s this nasty, close the school ASAP.

By the way, kudos to the hearty few who still made it to school!

Bill Herman


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