Mar 202003
Authors: J.J. Babb

As the United States goes to war with Iraq, students express their dissidence in many ways

A group of nine students began fasting Thursday morning in protest of the war with Iraq. According to Joe Ramagli, a senior philosophy major and member of the campus group Action Awareness, he and the eight others are fasting to be in compassion with everyone suffering through the war, including the women and children refugees, Iraqi soldiers, U.S. civilians and U.S. soldiers and families left behind.

“Our fast is kind of our way to connect with all of those people,” Ramagli said.

The group plans to fast for five days at least, or until the lack of nutrients interferes with their education.

“The thought is we will do it as long as the initial bombing campaign lasts,” Ramagli said.

Action Awareness, a campus group devoted to promoting peace, also began a 24-hour vigil around 7 p.m. Thursday on the campus plaza in protest of the war in Iraq. The group plans to have members at the vigil overnight and through Friday. The vigil began after a city-wide candlelight vigil at the Peace Pole in Old Town.

“We hope it makes people think about the cause of this war, the perpetrators of this war, the injustice of this war,” Ramagli said. “We’re hoping it will raise awareness and that the worldwide peace moment isn’t just a bunch of people waving signs and chanting. It is people willing to back up their convictions and even incur suffering on their won part to make their voices heard.”

Action Awareness meets Thursdays at 6 p.m. in 217 Lory Student Center or for more information write

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