Mar 192003
Authors: Adrienne Hoenig

Five CSU students and 20 CSU faculty members will be enjoying a

free vacation

within the next year, complements of the CSU Bookstore.

The CSU Bookstore and Budgetext, a company that buys and sells


textbooks, teamed up to thank CSU students and faculty for using



“We’ve been doing this two times a year for three years,” said


Gearhart, textbook director. “It’s just to thank them for being



The vacation package is valid for one year and includes


accommodations for four days and three nights to anywhere in the

United States

and some destinations in Mexico, Canada and the Bahamas. Winners

also receive

an $80 voucher for skiing or golfing, $50 spending money, a

30-minute pre-paid

phone card, a road atlas and roadside assistance during the

vacation. Airfare

is not included.

Students could fill out entry forms for the vacation giveaway at

the bookstore

all during last semester. The winner was drawn over winter


“We had entry forms and boxes close to the entrance at the


Gearhart said. “Anytime they came into the store they could fill

out their

name and put it in the box.”

Dominic Vigil, a junior mechanical engineering student, was

shocked to

learn of his prize.

“I was surprised,” Vigil said. “I just put my name in sometime


buy-back.” He is saving his vacation until he has enough money

to really enjoy


“I’ll probably wait until the end of summer,” Vigil said. “I’m

kind of

hoping to go to New York.”

Faculty members were entered in the drawing a little

differently. The CSU

Bookstore has had a recurring problem trying to get professors’

book orders in

on time. This creates a problem for students as well as the


“We don’t have room for books teachers don’t say they’re going

to use,”

Gearhart said. “If we have only a certain number we can buy, the

price will go

down once that number is hit.”

Bo Bandy, marketing intern for the CSU Bookstore, thinks

students may not

understand that the bookstore tries to give them a fair price

for their used

books. CSU bookstore will pay half of the original value of the

new book if a

professor has ordered it.

“Students think that the bookstore arbitrarily sets the prices,”

Bandy said.

“It all depends on the faculty.”

Kelley Mathers is a programming assistant for natural resources,


and tourism at CSU. She won a free vacation for having her book

order in on

time, but she said that isn’t the only incentive she had to be

on top of


“I used to work for a bookstore,” Mathers said. “I know how

important it is

for students.” She is planning to take her vacation somewhere

her dogs will be

welcome too.

Lee Cooper, dance professor at CSU, also won a vacation. She

said she usually

tries to have her book order in on time, but the extra incentive

didn’t hurt.

“I always get my book order in whenever I can,” Cooper said.

“I’ve never won

anything before. I think I’ll save it for something very


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