Mar 182003
Authors: Becky Waddingham Collegian Editor

Due to the weather, city travel restrictions and the danger of

trying to navigate snowy Fort

Collins on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Collegian has suspended

publication until Friday.

The Collegian’s editors decided Tuesday afternoon to cancel

Wednesday’s edition, and

decided at 10 a.m. Wednesday to cancel Thursday’s newspaper as

well. In addition to the several feet of

snow burying our cars, statewide and municipal travel

restrictions prohibited editors and

reporters from reaching the newsroom. Those conditions would

have also made morning

deliveries extremely dangerous if not impossible for our


The Collegian will resume publication when the university

reopens, presumably on

Friday. For the time being, the safety of our newsroom employees

and distribution staff is

paramount. Please continue to check for updates

and additional stories throughout

the day.

Look for Friday’s regular edition with full coverage of the

winter storm and the Rams’

battle against the Duke Blue Devils in Salt Lake City.

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