Mar 162003
Authors: the Collegian Editorial Board

We’re back and it’s time to party.

Many of us are returning from spring break, ready to meet up with friends and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day – and the men’s basketball team’s entry into the Big Dance.

And for many college students, alcohol is the driving force to a good time.

But the police, and other law enforcement agencies, will be monitoring us a little closer to make sure we party responsibly and that we are not behind the wheel drunk.

Larimer County Sheriff’s Office, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), Colorado State Patrol and the Law Enforcement Assistance Fund will all work together in an effort called “The Heat is On.”

“The Heat” means more police patrols and the use of resources from other agencies to prevent drunk drivers from roaming the streets. The heat was on all weekend and will run through Monday morning. But the heat will undoubtedly run through Monday night, the actual St. Patrick’s holiday.

But law enforcement’s increased effort shouldn’t impact many of us, so long as we use common sense when going out to celebrate whatever.

Drink if you got ’em, but always have a designated driver lined up – you know, the person who owes you a favor because you were the designated driver last time.

CSU has a great party atmosphere, which is one of the reasons this school is so special. But another thing that makes CSU special is that we are responsible when partying.

It is great to be back.

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