Mar 062003
Authors: Patrick Crossland

Lisa Cappeli has a few fond memories of her mother; swinging on hammocks, playing on four string guitars and Peter, Paul and Mary. Cappeli also has some dark memories of the night her mother died.

“I got sent to bed,” she said. “There was a lot of fighting that night, I fell asleep when it got quiet.”

Cappeli remembers someone waking her up and telling her she had to leave. She recalls having to step over her mother’s legs in order to get out the door.

“I remember not wanting to leave her lying on the floor,” she said.

Cappeli was 10 years old the night her mother died. It was Feb. 21, 1973.

Charles Leroy Anderson was arrested Thursday in connection with the death of Carmina Anderson, Cappeli’s mother. Cappeli has been gathering evidence about her mother’s death for several years and upon the presentation of this evidence to Larimore County Coroner Dr. Patrick Allen, a second death certificate was issued that listed the manner of death as “Undetermined, Suspicious for Homicide.”

He will appear in the Larimer County Courthouse on Tuesday to face charges.

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