Mar 062003
Authors: Rod Rodriguez

Ever been in a really great relationship that just ends? And ends in a really bad way? During that relationship that person seemed like the greatest person you had ever met, they were perfect, they were wonderful, and then you broke up and never spoke to them again?

I think we have all been there. I know I have, anyway. So why do we demonize these people? Why do we have to share with everyone else our hatred for a certain individual? And how do we perceive people without every getting to know someone?

I think these are extremely important questions to be asking, especially during times like these. Right now, our country despises two men: Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.

Not that these men have not done evil and horrible things to their people or ours, but do we really know them? And are we drawing conclusions based on what we hear or what we know. Let’s examine this!

In the past 10 years, Iraq has been responsible for killing over 500,000 children. Iraq has sent its own soldiers to war with the knowledge of potential health risks, refused to address those health risks, and tried to deny afterwards.

Many countries in the world and the UN have criticized Iraq for the way it treats its own people. Many of its people are poor, are continuing to go poor with the leadership fully knowing this, and the country is doing nothing to help.

The leader of Iraq recently cut money from education, something he has done several times in the past couple of years, and is instead trying to “defend” his country when he could save billions by simply adjusting his country’s foreign policy.

Iraq has systematically denied many citizens basic rights. Iraq is supposed to be a democratic country that promises all people first-class citizenship but has not allowed this to happen. Many of Iraq’s people are second-class citizens, people who have rights but continually face oppression.

Iraq has citizens that are third-class citizens, those who have had their rights systematically removed from them and are refused access to their own government. Governments like this should not exist.

Osama bin Laden has, for quite some time, had connections with the al-Qaeda network. He has been reliant upon oil and money from oil since birth. With the help of the bin Laden family and his father, he started his own oil company in 1977, which lasted roughly 10 years before it went broke. His father supported international terrorism and supported giving Saddam Hussein weapons.

Bin Laden was also responsible for sending many of his own people to death, and not just prisoners, the innocent as well. He took a beautiful religion and wielded its power to wage a holy war against an innocent people and a country with international sovereign rights. He is now sending his own people to die for a cause they do not support.

Sounds pretty bad, right? Then why won’t the UN support the dismantling of Iraq? Why won’t they agree to oust Saddam Hussein from power? Why do we thirst for Bin Laden’s blood?

Maybe it’s because the horrific crimes I mentioned were not necessarily committed by Iraq, but were crimes committed by our own country. Hussein and bin Laden you may ask? I was talking about our President. Do me a favor and re-read this article but this time substitute “the US” for Iraq and “Bush” for Hussein or Bin Laden. See what you think.

Talk about false perceptions. By the way, do the research yourself, the bin Laden family has had connections with the Bush family dating back to 1977 through the failed “Arbusto” oil venture.

Don’t trust what you hear, folks. Find out for yourself.

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