Mar 062003
Authors: Patrick Crossland

A CSU student could be the next to occupy the Fort Collins City Council district six seat, after the April 8 election.

Ryan Staychock, a natural resources major, and Remi Frazier, an English major, are both students of CSU, and are running for city council. Councilman David Roy, who is also running in the election, currently occupies the seat.

Frazier announced his intent to run for the seat in February. Staychock announced his intent to run at the end of February.

“Local politics are some of the most important politics, I could bring a lot of energy, enthusiasm and drive to the process,” Staychock said. “I think I could represent the people fairly.”

Frazier was as enthused about the idea of running against a fellow CSU student.

“I think it’s fantastic, I’m very happy and proud of him for joining the race,” he said.

Roy, who was appointed to the seat nine months ago, was also enthused with the student participation in state and local government. “Any citizen participation is what makes politics even better,” he said.

Frazier, who is working towards his graduate degree in English said he has three vision statements included on hi platform. If elected, he intends to strengthen the infrastructure of Fort Collins, recognize the city process and support culture and environment.

“I really feel like the council should be communicating better with the citizens,” he said.

As a student, Staychock said he desires to unite the city and to be a voice. “My desire and concern for this institution is to be a voice to unite and bring together Fort Collins.”

His platform includes fair community representation, pro-environment policies, responsible growth and community participation. He said his desire is to integrate science and policy and to have abundant participation from citizens.

“In a way I really would like to see abundant citizen participation within city policy processes.”

He also commented on his educational background. “An advantage I have is having a solid background in natural resources in a time natural resources are important in Colorado,” Staychock said.

For the city of Fort Collins, Roy would like focus on water supply, transportation, the downtown community and growth management. “The downtown area is near and dear to me,” he said. “I feel it is the heart and soul of Fort Collins.”

ASCSU President Dave Bower said he thinks it’s great students are participating.

“I think it’s great that students are willing to take part in the political process, especially with us being as big a part of the population as we are,” he said.

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