Mar 052003

Since the 1970s students have been playing Frisbee golf in the fields west of the Lory Student Center.

Generations have come through the university enjoying the game.

But due to concerns over injury and potential university liability, the tees will be moved away from main campus and over to south campus, which is behind the Holiday Inn located on Prospect Avenue, over spring break.

While we appreciate the concern for injury, there could be another way to fix the problem without impacting a CSU tradition.

CSU doesn’t have many areas where students meet and enjoy recreation on campus, and CSU is void of many traditions, so we think moving the course should be a last resort after all other options have been exhausted.

CSU needs this course at its current location because it helps to bond students to the campus. Bonding to a place on campus helps connect students to the university, which could help curb student apathy and make students know and appreciate happenings on campus that affect them.

Maybe the baskets could be strategically moved away from spots where heavy pedestrian and bike traffic exists.

We understand the space might be tight in that area, but it would – at least – be worth looking into.

Also, it is a shame this tradition is in jeopardy in part because the university could be liable for injury to pedestrians.

Even though the university should do what it can to prevent injuries, commuters should also pay attention and be aware of the flying discs. In case of injury, they are at fault, not the university.

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