Mar 052003
Authors: Adrienne Hoenig

Students may not be allowed to play disc golf on campus anymore after spring break.

“There’s a lot of pressure to get the course off campus now,” said Anthony Rock, senior construction management student and president of the disc golf club. “It’s an unfortunate thing.”

The main reason the course is to be moved has to do with safety reasons, said Facilities Management Director Brian Chase.

“The fact is we’ve had a number of students seriously injured,” Chase said. “That’s a serious liability to the university.”

Two specific cases last fall required victims to get facial stitches and dental work, Chase said.

Bill Wright, owner of The Wright Life, a disc golf store in Fort Collins, said the high traffic around the lagoon and disc golf course on campus is a problem.

“The current course isn’t ideal,” Wright said. “It’s no fun when you go out to play and you have to wait for people. You really have to be careful about who might come into that flight path.”

Wright is not thrilled about the course being moved, but he is trying to stay optimistic.

“It’s not like we’re losing a Frisbee golf course altogether,” Wright said. “We can prove to them that we can make this thing a really nice course.”

The course will most likely be moved to the South Campus area behind the Holiday Inn.

“Where they’ve moved us to will provide very little as far as obstacles,” Rock said. “We just wish we had access to land that is suitable for disc golf.”

Rock would prefer the land behind the Pat Griffin Building and is unsure why they won’t be allowed to use it.

“It’s kind of a mystery what’s going on with that land,” Rock said.

Chase was uncertain about this piece of land, too.

Associated Students of CSU President David Bower is trying to do what he can help to secure the golf course’s future.

“ASCSU has been very involved with that golf course,” Bower said. “Safety is a big concern. We’re seeing what we can do to make sure there’s another course.”

Chase agrees that there needs to be another course if the current one is removed.

“It certainly may not be as convenient for golfers, but it’s a lot safer for people on campus,” Chase said. “We still want to have a Frisbee golf course; it will be bigger and better but not as convenient.”

Rock is not sure about the bigger and better, but he is hoping to make the best of it.

“It’s not as nice as it could be,” Rock said. “We still have a course and it’s the best we can make it.”

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