Where are the jobs?

Mar 042003
Authors: Spencer Goodfriend

With the economy in a slump, the job market has become smaller by the day, leaving some students without needed employment and financial security.

“The job market sucks! It’s really slow,” said junior psychology major Lehala Johnson. “I’m broke enough by just being in college, not to mention if I didn’t have (a job). But I do, by luck, so I know at least some are out there.”

For some to land a job, it took pure luck or a special skill to receive employment, though it may not lead to further progress within their fields.

“I found a job when all my friends are struggling,” said junior accounting major Ryan Reffel. “I have a special skill (certified life guard), that’s all it really is. But I’m really worried about life after graduation.”

Students who continue to struggle and do not wish to have these troubles after graduation may want to contact the Career Center and establish a relationship with a liaison. A liaison is a career counselor who specializes in careers for specific fields relating to a college.

“Liaisons can help find out what skills, interests and values a student has and help match them with proper majors and paths towards certain careers,” said E. Anne Malen, director of the Career Center. “Six out of eight colleges have liaisons.”

Students may find internship possibilities as well as applications available at the Career Center.

“The economy is in tough shape. We’re moving into a wartime economy, so students need to prepare,” said Malen. “Last year, a lot of government employers came to our job fairs; this is no longer because they now place those funds elsewhere due to the war. It is nonetheless important that students keep networking, continuously developing marketing plans to sell themselves to employers.”

Anyone interested in searching for employment online can go to Jobs Online, which is located at http://career.colostate.edu.

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