Mar 022003
Authors: Remi Young

The Associated Students of CSU Funding Board allocated $6,744 to the Engineering College Council for their annual Engineering Days events Thursday. The celebratory occasion will provide the opportunity for senior engineering students to display their senior projects, as well as a barbecue and concert.

SALAM, a group organized to educate people about Arabic culture, presented five requests to the board, three of which were granted. They were allocated $512 for their annual poster show held in the Lory Student Center, $1,400 for a series of classes teaching students how to prepare Arabic foods and an additional $1,200 to bring a guest orator to teach students how to speak the Arabic language.

The board also granted $2,235.30 to the newly formed Student Organizations Awards and Recognition committee for their inaugural event, which will be held to recognize students who have been nominated as outstanding leaders on campus.

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