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To the Editor:

In response to Shawn Kozlowski’s Feb. 26 letter to the editor regarding Shannon Baldwin’s column, “Why women stay with jerks:”

I would just like to ask whether we read the same column or not. First of all, if you had actually paid attention to what you were reading, you would have realized that it was not about you, “the nice guy”, getting dumped, but about why girls stay in abusive relationships. She was not stating that “nice guys always finish last” as a fact or even as her opinion. It was simply a clich/ in our society that was used as a lead-in to her main point.

Speaking of her main point, she was trying to say that there is a “psychological bond,” as you put it, as a result of surviving “the proverbial trenches” that are often mistaken as love. It is amusing that you restated her point in your argument about how she was wrong.

After I read the column, I assumed that I would be reading a letter to the editor from someone in that type of relationship or someone who has a friend in that type of relationship. The last thing I would have expected to see was a response from a guy who thought she was telling nice guys to give up (not what was being said).

So next time you want to go off about your failed relationship, wait until someone writes a column that actually pertains to what you are talking about.

Stacy Herman

Senior Social Studies Education

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