Feb 272003
Authors: JR Peacock

Hello, my name is J.R. and I enjoy eating cheap, good food. Since I have lived in the Fort (around 4 years) I feel like I have been exposed to one of the greatest inventions in eating strategery: burritos. Call me insane (or fat) but I love the damn things and cannot stop eating them. But where should you buy your burritos? I will give you insight into this dilemma by utilizing a three tier ranking system.

Tier one, will of course be the best burritos and tier three, well, it’s just lower. Now, remember I cannot cover every place in this town which sells burritos, instead I chose a couple of places in which you, the college consumer, are most likely to eat at: Qdoba, Chipotle, La Luz and Big City Burrito. Also, remember I am not commenting on location or decoration, but instead sheer bang for the buck. We will start with the bottom of the ladder.

Tier Three (Good stuff, but haven’t had it recently): Q-Doba

Qdoba – When I was young and an immature burrito eater I used to swear by these (Qdoba Burritos). I would usually get the Poblano Pesto chicken with beans, rice, cheese, guacamole and sour cream. Tastes great, but after a while I noticed something which was not cool: grease. This = bad.

Burritos aren’t healthy (the way I eat them) and seeing a pile of grease at the bottom of the respected holding device just wasn’t going to work. Aside from this I just haven’t been moved since being introduced to higher-level burrito eating experiences. I mean why eat greasy food when we can have non-greasy food? Agreed? Exactly.

Remember I am not vouching for their other food here, purely burritos (’cause their nachos are quite exquisite when I have had a good ordeal of cold beverages).

Tier Two (Great burritos that I still eat a lot): Chipotle and Big City

Chipotle – A relatively new place in town for burrito festivities. Turns out it’s pretty damn good. Usually I am feasting on some sort of chicken with fajita toppings and all the usual side ornaments. Great stuff. I am satisfied every single time I go here. Plus we get free drinks for being students. Cool.

However, Chipotle has failed to make it any further in the burrito hierarchy because of the lack of choices. I know their slogan says something about hundreds of ways to make a burrito, but it comes down to just steak, chicken, pork and shredded beef. Which is more than adequate, but you will see there is more in life. Still a great burrito though, highly recommended for all you freshman folk who got screwed on that whole being able to drive thing.

Big City Burrito – A legend in burritos? Yes indeed. When I used to live in the dorms I had an RA who would swear by these burritos, so I went a couple of times. I had fun, you know, it was like when you used to walk to parties from the dorm, there was always a ton of people, but where was what we saw on Animal House? But then the mother load hit. Destiny finally introduced me to the potato burrito.

Freshman life had hit a peak. This was what it was all about. I could not get enough, and I still eat the damn’ things quite frequently. Potato burrito, sounds odd, but just try it. I get the pesto burrito shell, with onions and cheese, ranch (crucial), sour cream, corn and hot salsa; and when I am living life on the edge, guacamole. Never misunderestimate the power of guacamole. I have been promoting these things nation wide for the past couple of years and they now have a cult like following. Oh yes they are that good. Big City stalled out at tier two though because sometimes when I order I feel as if there could be something in my food. Now I am not putting it down, because I love the place to death, but sometimes I wonder how they passed their health inspections.

Tier One (These are the best burritos): La Luz

La Luz – Does it get any better than this? No it does not. This is it people. This is what burritoing is all about. It is unbelievably delicious, authentic and has a huge amount of choices. I mean I can go here order any burrito and be content because it will be great. Plus, I know I am eating fresh food that wasn’t soaking in a vat of grease. They have chicken, steak, pork, fish and shrimp. Who ever heard of a fish burrito?

Exactly, welcome to the big leagues people. I have tried everything here and it is all good. You hungry? Try the atomic burrito? Feeling exotic? Try the fish fajita burrito. Feeling conservative? Try the chicken fajita burrito. What’s a burrito without condiments? Which is another reason why La Luz just owns life, they have all home made salsas and they are awesome (great with chips too). I always leave La Luz feeling like I have just eaten the best burrito in town. Plus they have amazing other food, but that’s another article. Check them out next to Rasta Pasta and Silver Grille in Old Town.

So with that, I leave you with my completely biased opinion on local burrito life. I know I am opinionated, but hey shouldn’t we all be when we are spending a large sum of $5 on dinner? So go out and eat a burrito. Comments or restaurant suggestions? Send them to Jpeac2@aol.com

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