Indie Music Spotlight

Feb 272003
Authors: Casey Cisneros

If you are drawn to acoustic guitar driven music it’s time you check out Three Degree’s of Freedom. They come through with original songs with a laid-back feeling. These guys are making music the way they know how and are not trying to fit a particular musical nitch. They put it out there for who ever wants to listen.

The part of the music that I was really drawn in by were the two guitars in the band. The acoustic guitarist, I thought was very inventive with the different song rhythms. The lead guitarist has a very diverse style. He progresses from a rock feel to jazz to psychedelic and back again. He was very tasteful with the use of notes, never really pushing them to excess. When mixed together they make a powerful combination.

To Sleep: Perchance to Dream, the new album by Starless cannot easily be summarized. So I thought I

would start out by just throwing out some words that came to mind after listening to the album; fearless, experimental, industrial, emotional and original.

Starless does a lot with their album, which is admirable in a band. The lyrics really stand out and they are not straightforward or literal. Instead they paint a vivid picture of emotions and ideas, open for a lot of different interpretations.

The music doesn’t just conform to one particular style or genre. They let the music take on a life of it’s own with out worrying if it sounds good or if it is really “their style.”

The producer did a great job on this album.

All of the little details that were added into the mix, like the samples, elevated the level of the album.

I can only imagine what they bring to the stage in a live show.

After listening to Microphone in the Sugar Bowl, the new album from Soul Thieves in my car it had me singing along with the catchy summer time rock songs almost immediately.

The album is full of songs that won’t leave your head well after you are done listening. But this album should have a warning on the cover, it should read, caution strong love song content. For me sometimes it is a musical turn off when all a band sings about is the L word, but I’ll let these guys slide. They even go so far as to have a song that uses the phrase, “When will I stop writing love songs about you” for a chorus. That speaks pretty loudly about their lyrics.

If you don’t mind or have a soft spot for love songs go out and buy this album. The music is great. It is a well-produced and put together album. Michael St. James’s vocals are incredibly strong. The guitars are very catchy and the drums add a lot off accent to all of the music. Soul Thieves give off a fun musical aura.

Consider one band to set the mood the next time you are sitting at home getting high with your gold fish or thinking about having a ho – down in your back yard, Shanti Groove. That’s right, another jam band.

You ask what makes this jam band in particular stand out above all the other jam bands you’ve heard or seen live before? Well I’ll tell you, nothing. They have all of the same elements as every other jam band. One guitar player, one banjo player, one mandolin player, one bass player, a drummer and all together they sing


Don’t get me wrong these guys are very talented musicians that I’m sure are very good at the improv

jam. I like watching this kind of music live because they all really play the hell out of all their instruments and it’s a fun atmosphere.

The band Xiren (or seer-rin), is a high intensity band that blends hard rock with electronic music. I think they are the type of band that you either love or hate depending on musical tastes. One extreme or another there is no mediocre response to their music.

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