Feb 272003
Authors: Shandra Jordan

The opening dance piece of a CSU play will be performed with a hole in the middle for the final three performances this weekend.

One of the three lead dancers, Simon Lile, a second bachelor’s degree candidate majoring in dance, was mobilized with the Bravo Company 244, Fort Collins’ Army Reserve unit.

The dance, “Dead Saints” is the prologue to an original play “The Vision of the Pilgrims of San Isidro” by Eric Prince, a professor of theater at CSU and a resident playwright.

“There’s a huge irony (that Simon was mobilized by the army) because the dance has a very strong anti-war and anti-violence theme,” Prince said.

The 244th Engineering Battalion received mobilization orders to move the unit to Fort Carson on Monday, said Capt. Sara Lynd, the company commander. They have until Thursday to get their equipment and members to Fort Carson.

Right now, they are in the process of moving equipment, Lynd said. People will go last.

“Our unit has a lot of heavy equipment so some people are going back and forth,” she said.

Lile has been in the reserves for five and one-half years and his contract will be up in five months, Prince said.

Lile was unavailable for comment.

The United States Army has over 200,000 people in its reserve units who serve as little as one weekend a month and two weeks a year, unless their unit is mobilized, according to www.goarmyreserve.com.

“(Lile’s role) is too important a role to replace,” Prince said. “I don’t want to replace Simon but I do want the dance to continue.”

Prince decided to precede the dance with an announcement explaining the situation to the audience for the performances Thursday, tonight and Saturday.

“It’ll be quite special tonight and tomorrow,” Prince said. “I’m sure the cast will feel his absence and the dance will have a personal meaning. It brings home to the audience that war isn’t just a far away subject in the news headlines. Here at CSU we’ve got our own students being called away.”

The show will go on, but there will be an absence felt by the audience and cast, Prince said.

“(Lile’s) a great guy, a very nice polite young man and we wish him well,” Prince said.

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“”The Vision of the Pilgrims of San Isidro” will be performed at 8 p.m. tonight and Saturday on the Johnsons Hall Main Stage.

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