ASCSU is being unfair

Feb 272003

To the Editor:

I am writing in regards to experiences I’ve had while attempting to run for ASCSU Vice President. Over the past three weeks ASCSU has passed legislation raising the minimum GPA requirement for President and Vice President from 2.0 to 2.25. While I do not feel personally victimized by the Senate’s decision to pass this legislation, I do feel victimized by the manner in which the legislation was passed.

I blame no one but myself for my grades, nor do I blame the Senators of ASCSU for voicing their opinions and voting in favor of the legislation.

I do, however, believe I was victimized by individuals in ASCSU who not only brought up this legislation at a questionable time but also bent the rules of due process to benefit their cause in an appeals hearing set for Thursday.

The passage of a constitutional amendment on Wednesday is especially suspect. An amendment requires two separate votes in two separate sessions to adopt, and if a special session is needed, it must be advertised and given two weeks’ notice before occurring.

Neither of these happened and the amendment was passed with two votes held in the same night, with the special session being called at the end of the first meeting. If this vote took place next week, I could have made my appeal (and possibly won for the second time) and challenged the amendment separately. This passage of the amendment Wednesday night not only makes my challenge of previous legislation more difficult, but also gives the opposition the opportunity to use the amendment against me before I can appeal.

As a result, my appeal has been damaged to the point where I could win on the grounds of the legislation’s timing, but if I win and go on to win the election, I would not be allowed to take office. By a bending of the rules, I have been unfairly and unjustly knocked out of this race not by the passing of GPA legislation, but by the manner in which it was passed. Any democratic organization possesses rules of due process for a reason, and certain members of ASCSU circumvented their own rules and regulations to serve a narrowed interest.

Every student attending this university pays fees to ASCSU, and the decision they make affect all students. If any student feels that members of ASCSU have made a mistake, I encourage them to go to the ASCSU office and make their opinion known.

Joseph B. Marshall, IV

President, Sigma Chi Fraternity

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