Feb 262003

Joe Marshall wants to be the vice president of Associated Students of CSU next year.

But he must wait until the ASCSU Supreme Court decides whether he should have a minimum 2.0 grade point average or a 2.25.

At the beginning of this semester, ASCSU passed a bill changing the minimum GPA from 2.0 to 2.25 for prospective VPs and presidents. Marshall appealed ASCSU’s decision to up the GPA minimum.

While Marshall should be upset the bill passed so close to election time because that left him little time to either change his grades or decide whether to run, changing the minimum GPA to 2.25 is the right move.

ASCSU senators and executives are the student leaders of this campus, and requiring a 2.25 GPA is appropriate considering.

Plus, becoming an ASCSU president or vice president takes a lot of work and could impact the person’s GPA after the person takes the job.

Considering the GPA often drops due to the workload for them while in office, shouldn’t the standard be set to, at least, 2.25, in the beginning? Plus, if the person’s GPA drops below 2.0 while in office, they would not be allowed to finish out their term. So if we require them to have a 2.25 to start with, they would be less likely to have to leave office.

In addition, if these people were to be our student leaders, wouldn’t the individual’s GPA be reflective of his/her ability to manage time and workload? Shouldn’t this person be able to handle many different tasks? Isn’t that what makes a leader different from the pack?

Even the 2.25 requirement is modest considering it is barely above academic probation.

Maybe even a 3.0 should be required, but considering the workload the ASCSU president and vice president take on, 2.25 is not asking for much.

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