Feb 262003

To the Editor:

This is regarding Ashley Wheeland’s Feb. 25 column.

If Ms. Wheeland feels her artists were deprived of their “voices” during the G awards, maybe she should buy their CDs and listen to their “messages”.

I’m sorry? What’s that? John Mayer isn’t waxing poetic about war in his songs? Nelly isn’t rapping about the plight of the Iraqi people in his songs? Wake up, Ashley. This isn’t the 1960s. These multi-MULTI-millionaires are only against the war because it is decreasing their CD sales.

Bono is the exception, not the rule. If they want to wear a T-shirt or a button or say a few things, fine. But if they feel the need to expunge certain philosophies about the state of the world, they should do so on a more appropriate stage.

Only these artists know they can’t hang with people like Tim Russert or Bill O’Reilly.

Adam Sivits

Writer in New York

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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