Feb 242003
Authors: Patrick Crossland

Students called to active duty may find themselves postponing classes until a later time.

The current policy states, “Any student called to active military duty may, upon presentation of a copy of her/his orders to the HELP/Success Center be given a grade of incomplete in courses for which she/he is registered.”

“If they get their orders and come to our office we’ll work with them to get incompletes or withdrawals from their courses, depending on the time of semester or situation,” said Gaye Digregorio, the assistant director for advising services.

Students called to active duty have the duration of their absence to make up the incomplete grade. An incomplete grade is not calculated into a students GPA and does not impact a student’s academic standing if completed at a later time.

“The student may decide to drop everything and start anew when they come back,” Digregorio said.

Other students, who have completed most of the semester, may want to receive an incomplete grade and finish remaining courses after their duty has been served.

Only after orders are presented are students no longer required to pay tuition fees. Students may take part in a registration drop, which entitles them to a full refund.

Once processed, paperwork is sent to the Office of Records and Registration, where those students will receive credit for tuition and fees for the term.

“They first talk to the people at the HELP/Success Center, it begins there,” said Sue Coulson, office manager at the Office of Records and Registration. “At that time they’re not assessed tuition charges.”

Only students enrolled in a reserve unit would be called to active duty.

“We won’t send them from the ROTC program,” said Lt. Col. Jackson Self. “(The) only students called to duty would be those in a reserve unit and only if that unit is called.”

Because ROTC students are training to become officers they are not required to respond to active duty. Individuals taking part in the ROTC program as well as the reserves may opt to go with their unit if called.

Not everyone called to active duty responds to an overseas post. Some of those deployed may be assigned to tasks such as security at airports, Self said.

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