Is anything safe anymore?

Feb 232003
Authors: the Collegian Editorial Board

Stay indoors.

Wandering blissfully outside your house is simply too dangerous. Plus, we are in the middle of an arctic cold snap here in Colorado, so you would be brave to journey outside in the below-freezing temperatures.

You would be extremely brave to go to a nightclub. In Chicago, 21 people died trying to enjoy a fun night of dancing and drinking, something many of us love to do; but it is simply not completely safe.

The people at the Chicago nightclub died because someone screamed that there was a terrorist attack after someone used pepper spray to break up a fight, resulting in a stampede.

In Rhode Island, 97 others died in a fire during an indoor concert performance with pyrotechnics.

The East Coast is not a safe place to be in general. A huge blizzard pummeled the area and it’s supposed to rain all week; now there is fear of flooding with massive snowmelt and rainfall.

Skiing or hanging out in the Colorado mountains is also a danger, as reports of avalanche deaths are as common in a nightly newscast as reports about how we will have another cold snap without the moisture we need.

Toys aren’t even safe. You may have seen or read the report about the roof collapse at Toys “R” Us in Lanham, Maryland, where nine people were injured. That was also related to massive snowfall last week.

You even have to be careful inside your own house.

Even in your home, you cannot escape a report about a potential terrorist attack and updates about a potential war in Iraq. And the government even warns you to protect your house with Saran Wrap and duct tape, in case terrorists use biological or chemical weapons against us.

It seems we are not safe anywhere.

No doubt the world has changed and it less safe than it was when many of us were in high school.

But don’t let news reports scare you into changing your lifestyle.

Living in fear cheapens life.

When things get a little overwhelming, however, there is nothing wrong with staying inside, turning on some good tunes, drinking some hot chocolate and escaping from the world’s problems – especially on very cold days, and especially if you have plenty of Saran Wrap.

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