Feb 192003

To the Editor:

It is sad that in a university there are so many idiots. Our very own Collegian seems to be an open forum for them. Perhaps it is time to show a view other than just, “Bush is evil.”

Guess what folks, we are in danger. I do not understand how people can hear the evidence Colin Powell presented in front of the UN and not be terrified. Anyone with common sense (something that seems to be lacking on the campus) can see he presented clear facts showing Hussein is hiding weapons. If this is the information the government can present to us, there has to be a plethora of information they cannot disclose due to security. But even this limited information shows conspiracy.

Many members of the EU want to give them “one more chance” and conduct more investigations in a “diplomatic” manner. First of all, how can U.N. inspectors conduct the investigations if Iraq is hiding everything? Secondly, we have tried being diplomatic. We have tried for 12 years. At what point do we stop and do something about the fact they are harboring weapons?

We cannot afford to wait and see. This is not a matter of oil or squelching the voice of the “little guy.” This is a matter of national security and the lives of U.S. citizens.

Unfortunately, war is inevitable. It is not a matter of “if” it is a matter of “when.” Americans are turning against each other and this is all part of Saddam’s plan.

A nation divided cannot stand, so do not fall victim to this evil man.

Stand up for America!

Stacey Schneider

Junior Marketing

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