Feb 192003
Authors: Troy Briggs


Theatre allows for a new and interesting forum for ideas and feelings to be expressed. I think that most people get used to the modern forms of story telling such as television and film. There is a safety bubble in that bit of glass between us and the image that I was not fully aware of until I experienced “The Vision of the Pilgrims of San Isidro.” There is something about having living, breathing, feeling people transformed in front of you, sharing the same air with you. This play, written and directed by Dr. Prince of CSU, charged the air of the theatre and of the rest of the sky for the whole night. There is still a residual charge snapping around in me just now, a day later.

This play is full of moments of chaos, disturbing images and at times you might find yourself with a furrowed brow. There were equally, however, moments of transcendental bliss and astounding beauty. I know that it is clich/, but I found myself at moments at the edge of my seat, as if I was watching something that if I blinked I would miss a moment I would truly regret. This was not your average cut-and-dry play with everything as you would expect it. When you go, you need to be sure to go ready to be attentive and ready to take on an active role as a viewer. There are many layers to wade into. The images in this play are striking and will echo in your mind. If you are curious about theatre and why you should go, this is a good chance to try it out.


The dance performance in the beginning of the play was a perfect compliment to the evening and set a mood that gave me a frame to view the play through. The sound was a major player and was exquisite; unlikely speeches and complex sonatas were littered throughout and balanced well with silence. The play was a vision of madness and ecstasy, the players coming forward and moving back seamlessly. I would heartily recommend that every one of you who reads this go and experience the ancient medium of theatre brought to a new and exciting realm. Go ready to have a meal for you brain and your heart.

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