Feb 192003

To the Editor:

The disruptive actions of protesters in Colorado Springs have spurred some anger in our state’s communities. The purpose of disrupting the lives of ordinary citizens is to wake them up to the fact that living our lives as if we are in ordinary times is murder.

So long as we do not rise up and force the powerful of the world to cease their bloody activities, millions will continue to die. But a non-violent movement cannot force anything unless it takes to the streets as the anarchists did on Feb. 15 in Colorado Springs. (Note the Bush administration’s virtual dismissal of the generally law-abiding worldwide protest with the empty statement by the president that war is a means of last resort.)

Also, Iraqis do not have much of a choice to live ordinary lives. To think that we can live ordinary lives while depleted uranium munitions poison Iraqis and bombed daily without support from the world is, well, racist. (The Iraqis must be viewed as somehow less important if we can go on with our lives while they suffer for our sake.)

Finally, only a handful of protests around the world received any attention at all by the United States media. The action in Colorado Springs received national attention because ordinary lives were disrupted. If some people become angry because their lives are disrupted, it is only to be expected.

I expect nothing less from those who see mass murder as our only hope for a better world.

Micah Cavaleri

Fort Collins resident

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