Dear Paul Franco

Feb 192003

To the Editor:

Dear entertainment columnist, Paul Franco:

You didn’t happen to buy a Ford, some Budweiser, or some Coors after the Super Bowl did you? Because you seem to have bought everything else they aired. Sadly you’ve fallen exactly where the ad wanted you to: questioning the “true” danger of pot, and “realizing” that pot gets girls pregnant, as you so astutely observed through impairment of judgment.

I hope you thought that with a beer in your hand, which I would bet is true as I quote you: “During timeouts, we were blessed with beer commercials, movie trailers and more beer commercials” and again, “Usually the deepest thought I have during the Super Bowl is “Who’s going to get me another beer?”

I find your article to be as entertaining to me as the Super Bowl was to you. For me however, this roller coaster of amusement is powered by loops of hypocrisy and ignorance. How could such a letter that glorifies not only beer, but heavy intoxication – again I quote you, “The Super Bowl may be time of levity; a time when people want to get drunk and forget the worries of the world” – even begin to accuse Marijuana users of suffering from impaired judgment.

How many people got knocked up on Super Bowl Sunday, or any other given Sunday, because both or one of them was drunk? Next time you should think for yourself a little harder and not be fooled by propaganda, but if that’s too much to ask, how about you think about your own actions before you judge or dismiss others?

On a side note, I recommend you look elsewhere for life lessons. Sorry to break it to you but commercials aren’t real.

Zac Westbrook

University of Colorado – Boulder student

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