Feb 192003
Authors: JR Peacock

Good food. Cheap. College budget. Yes, I also like the sound of that.

When you think of steakhouses in Fort Collins, you might think of places like Outback, Lone Star or Texas Roadhouse. What you most likely don’t think of is a place by the name of Charco Broiler, and this is the problem. And I say this is the problem because if you are like me, you do not have copious amounts of money to be spending on steak dinners. Charco Broiler solves this common problem and I will tell you how.

The Charco Broiler might be recognized for its advertising claiming “Jumbo Shrimp” and “Cool Crisp Salads” but they also serve one of the best values in eating in Fort Collins: the “Club Steak Sandwich”.

The “Club Steak Sandwich” is a hungry meat-loving student’s delight. The name is deceiving because there is no sandwich involved, which is a common deterrent for people who think about ordering it. Well let me tell you, do not be fooled. For roughly $10, you get a good-sized piece of steak, a choice of potato (I would suggest the baked or mashed potatoes), salad and bread.

I am a very picky steak eater. Generally, I do not order steak at restaurants simply because I think home-cooked steaks are better; that is, until I started eating at Charco Broiler. The steak you get is extremely tender (depending on how you like your steak) and overflowing with flavor. For $10, you might be skeptical about the size or quality of a steak, but I challenge you to try this and not be satisfied with the piece of meat that is put in front of you. If you in fact are not satisfied, then you, my friend, are a bad person.

The rest of the meal complements the steak wonderfully. Good salad, bread and potatoes.

Steak isn’t your thing? CB has got great value burgers as well (when ordering a burger, make sure you specify your cheese!) To tell you the truth, I have never had anything but the “Club Steak Sandwich” but others I have ventured with have always had high remarks.

The ambience of the restaurant should also be mentioned. Recently, when four other highly trained restaurant critics and I traveled there, we couldn’t help but comment on the amazing authenticity of this Colorado Legend. Things that were said ranged from:

“This sure isn’t the same type of decorating you see at most chain restaurants.”

“What is that stuff on the ceilings?”

“70’s porno style.”

I enjoy eating good food and I am a firm believer in supporting all of the wonderful local restaurants in Fort Collins. So the next time you want steak and don’t have much money give the “Club Steak Sandwich Special” a try.

Located at: 1716 E Mulberry, just beyond Supermarket Liquors

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