People make mistakes

Feb 172003

To the Editor:

I was reading Wednesday’s Collegian when a joke my father told me came to mind. I chuckled in my head a kept on reading. Then I thought of what would happen if I said that joke (which is definitely offensive) at CSU or in some other public place.

I can see it now: “CSU Student Makes Politically Incorrect Joke, Crucification Next Week.” I truly believe this would happen. Collectively, the population on this campus is far too uptight.

Yes, Gov. Owens made a huge blunder when he gave his support to Mark Holtzman. Is it necessary to keep on complaining about it? Don’t you think he, or whoever else is paying attention, has gotten the point?

Yes, the Collegian probably made a mistake when running the political cartoon of Feb. 5. Does anybody think that they honestly meant anything mean or anti-minority in it? It would be an editor’s suicide to print something that was meant to put down anybody.

Yes, “Ryan Owens” runs columns with sexual content, but does that mean he is pushing sex on anybody?

I would like to ask everybody to think on what they read, see and hear. While some people are honestly mean or rude, how many people do you know that honestly mean anything in an offensive way? How many people that you know make comments which could be taken as anti-“something,” but don’t mean it in that way?

People make mistakes and blunders, and when it can hurt people we should point it out. When a friend makes a joke that is offensive to you, it should be pointed out. However, would you go off on your friend for days or weeks because of a mistake, which you know they wouldn’t purposely make?

I think not.

As a group, I think the people on campus should let things go and relax. If a point needs to be made, make it. If it has already been made, let it go. There is no point in showing a mistake to somebody and then driving then through the mud for days or weeks on end.

Brian Thomas

Junior History

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