How High?

Feb 162003
Authors: Spencer Goodfriend

Any drug from marijuana, to cocaine, to methamphetamines may be located on campus and in the surrounding neighborhoods.

“Drugs are everywhere, especially in Fort Collins,” said freshman psychology major Brett Carlson. “There were three or four (drug) dealers in my dorm hall alone last year…you name it, and somebody’s got it.”

The relatively easy access for a potential customer has given rise to the notion that the use of illegal narcotics is just a part of the college experience.

“How can you expect to go to a place like college, which supports expanding the mind, without trying new things,” said senior engineering major Wylie Nelson. “I think it’s not all just the college, but the whole culture that comes with being so close to the mountains.”

Whether or not the mountains play a crucial role in Colorado drug culture, it is apparent that use and abuse have been prevalent in the past and most likely the future.

“Colorado is second in the nation in drug abuse (behind New Mexico), and according to the National Household Survey, Colorado is number one in marijuana use,” said the Director for the Center of Drug and Alcohol Education Pam McCracken. “Meth is definitely on the rise, and along with alcohol and marijuana it is the college drug of choice…though we have seen a slight decline in marijuana use.”

Designer club drugs such as MDMA (ecstasy), GHB and Ketamine (special k) have also found their niche.

“Ecstasy was everywhere you turned last year, and from what I’ve heard, it was even worse the year before…those (designer) drugs are stereotyped as just a part of the rave scene, but they’re not,” Carlson said.

Students who feel their extracurricular activities in the world of drugs are getting the best of them can venture to the basement of the Hartshorne Health Center to receive help.

“We will provide counseling to students who are having issues…we’ll determine if a student is dependent, and if so, we’ll refer them to outpatient help elsewhere in Fort Collins,” McCracken said.

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