Feb 132003
Authors: Jon Ackerman

Ahh, Valentine’s Day. Doesn’t it just make you love life?

Yeah, I didn’t think so. Not everyone loves today, and in fact, more people may actually hate this holiday.

But with love in the air, it got me thinking, “What do I love?” I feel I love a lot of things: my family, brewery tours and spring break, to name a few.

Yet of those things I love, I also hate parts of them. Like I hate it when my parents tell me I have to become more financially independent, or when the breweries say, “You can’t come here every Friday,” or when spring break travel agents make you pay for a week in South Padre.

I hate to be a pessimist, but that led me to think I don’t completely love anything. For example, I love CSU. I really do. There’s no other school in Colorado I wish I were at. But I hate the new presidential candidates, the parking services and the conference we reside in.

I love Fort Collins, but hate the trains that drive right through campus.

I love beer, but hate how it makes you forget what a great time you had.

I always have and always will love the Broncos, but I hate their current quarterback, weak secondary, slow pass rush, shoddy kicking game and non-orange jerseys. I love their stadium, but hate its name. I love their cheerleaders, but hate the fact that I’ve only met one of them.

I love the Nuggets dancers, but hate the team they dance for.

I love what the Rockies are doing to better their team. Wait, what are they doing to better their team?

I love the Avalanche, especially after they beat the Red Wings in back-to-back games to turn their season around into one that will give Colorado its only playoff team of the year. But I hate the fact that I can never get a ticket to those games unless my friend’s friend’s father’s business partner’s secretary’s cousin’s uncle’s boss has extra seats. And they’re never to Red Wings games.

I love the fact that on Valentine’s Day you can do something for your girlfriend to show her how much she means to you, but I hate the fact that if you screw it up she’ll never let you live it down. I hope my horoscope is at least an eight today.

I love watching ESPN’s Around the Horn, but I hate when the Denver Post’s Woody Paige opens his mouth.

I love watching the Fox Sports Rocky Mountain Report, but I hate it when the anchors try to be as witty as the real professionals at ESPN. I love watching SportsCenter, but I hate it when they put a play like Patrick Roy’s triple-save at No. 8 and have the No. 1 play be something like Brett Hull scoring his 700th goal.

I love Michael Jordan for still playing at his age. I hate Michael Jordan for still playing at his age.

I love to watch cars drive recklessly for hours making nothing but left turns at speeds over 200 miles per hour, but I hate to watch it for more than two laps.

I just plain hate the Raiders. And Wyoming.

I love watching our men’s basketball team, but hate their free-throw shooting. I love our football team, but hate the authentic stadium they play in.

And lastly, I love Friday nights, but I hate … well, nothing about Fridays. Especially today. Happy Valentine’s Day, Erin.

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