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Authors: the Collegian Editorial Board

When we were younger, many of us had a favorite park or open space where we could go and play. Unfortunately, many of those places may have been built over with development or have changed because of erosion. Some have even closed because of drought.

The Colorado Preservation Inc. has done their best to ensure people are aware that all places need attention in order to be around forever.

Just recently, CPI released their 2003 list of endangered places in Colorado. An endangered place is somewhere that is threatened because of development, weathering, erosion and, something especially concerning currently in Colorado, drought.

For obvious reasons, this is a great idea. In fact, this is probably something that should be getting a little more attention than it has in the past. Once a place is on the endangered places list, legislators are called, and the people of CPI do all that they can to get a plan established to salvage that area. But there should be more opportunities for people to get involved in the salvaging.

Towns with an endangered place should find a way to get people together to make a community plan for that place. Posting signs warning community members what is going on with that place, whether it is in danger of being lost or in danger of becoming victim to development, will allow people to see the future, and formulate a plan for their spaces.

There needs to be a larger emphasis on the beauty that surrounds us. Everyone talks about how beautiful Colorado is when touring here-why not take pride in that beauty?

Protecting places in danger is equally important as protecting animals in danger of becoming extinct-a cause that seems to have received more media than endangered places. Without a natural surrounding for endangered animals to live in, what is the point of saving the endangered animals?

Lastly, it is important to think about protecting places for our children. It is important to allow others to have the memories that most of us have with picnics in the mountains or playing in an open space.

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