Feb 122003
Authors: Andrew Whelan

I plead guilty to being part of the media – the American media, which does a poor job of informing people about international affairs.

Unless you’ve been on a NyQuil binge, you know that we are about to go to war with Iraq. The media have been providing round-the-clock updates.

Reporters are ready for war. Hell, I heard Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw were head butting each other and screaming, “Let’s do this” like football players before the big game.

But maybe the media are thinking too far ahead. I still have some questions: Hasn’t the United States been bombing Iraq since the Gulf War? Didn’t we support Saddam during Iraq’s war with Iran?

Is there any possibility that I’ll be drafted? And if so, how many miles away is Canada?

If Hitler were marching troops through Europe, I’d enlist. But I’m not shaving my head to secure oil for men who are already rich enough to buy and sell people like me.

The mainstream media doesn’t address my concerns

There are eight companies that run the world’s oil. They are already meeting to divvy up Iraq’s oil, according to Ralph Nader. The media aren’t concerned about the concentration of power in the oil industry, but God forbid a girl falls down a well.

It’s not all the media’s fault. Politicians have an interesting way of telling us what to think.

They tell us that troops are going to Afghanistan to catch the terrorists responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks. They don’t mention that 17 of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. It’s like being attacked by Bolivians and going after Chile.

Politicians created a homeland security alert, which uses different colors to assess the threat of terrorism on U.S. soil– rumor has it that a mood ring on Donald Rumsfeld’s middle finger really determines the color.

Last Saturday, we moved from “blue: elevated threat” to “yellow: high threat.” Every reputable news outlet reported that the security level changed.

When people hear about the change in the media, they think that our intelligence knows something bad is going to happen; they panic. Now, our government literally has a panic button.

It’s no surprise that the media hasn’t been spending as much time covering North Korea as it has Iraq. Politicians aren’t eager to talk about it. Meanwhile, North Korea’s Kim Jong Il is acting like Cartman on Jenny Jones –“I do what I want. Whatever.” He is pulling out of treaties and firing up the nuclear weapons plants.

Plus, North Korea already has nuclear weapons– I promise. I know Bush wants a chance to bludgeon Iraq, but we’ve got a sure thing with North Korea. They don’t have oil, but those 1.1 million troops look so ominous. Why don’t journalists address more issues about North Korea?

I haven’t heard two words about Iran, the third member of President Bush’s “axis of evil.”

So I admit I’m part of the media. And we don’t always do a good job of answering questions.

But during these times of uncertainty, I have found an alternative news source: Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.” Humor puts some political issues in perspective.

Recently, “The Daily Show” highlighted a quote from our president that answered my biggest question: Are we sure Iraq is arming to attack us?

“We know what a disarmed country looks like … and Iraq doesn’t look like that,” Bush said. I’m convinced. Let’s go to war!

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