Feb 122003
Authors: Christopher J. Ortiz

Not everyone is lucky, or unlucky, enough to share Valentine’s Day with someone. While couples wine and dine the night away, singles have places to turn to on Friday night.

The bar scene is always a good place to drink your sorrows away or even meet that special someone.

For Friday night, guys and gals have some options. In Old Town, Lucky Joe’s is having Mission 19 playing on V-Day while serving up drink specials.

My choice for Friday night is down at Sullivan’s on the west side of campus.

The bar is having an anti-Valentine’s Day event, “Screw Valentine’s Day at Sullivan’s”.

To start the night, the bar is having hourly drink specials from 3 p.m. – midnight, that’s an entire work shift of specials. They will be having $4 domestic pitchers, 2-for 1 specials, $2.50 you-call-it and 50-cent kamikazes.

On top of that, Sullivan’s will be mixing specials shots in celebration of the day of love. Dead cupid, Blowup doll shots (usually referred to as Blowjobs) and a $2 blood heart kamikaze served with blood red vampire vodka.

If you are familiar with Sullivan’s signature drink, the Bionic Beaver, they will also have a $9 Suck This! Beaver available on Friday.

So why the hate for love?

According to Don Smith, the general manager, Valentine’s Day is way too much pressure for people to be romantic.

“Valentine’s Day has become so commercialized,” said Smith. “It’s not the most romantic day of the year, people can make that any day they want.”

If you are not old enough to hit the bar or a night at home seems more your taste, renting a movie can make your night.

Jennifer Smith, an assistant manager at a Fort Collins’ Blockbuster, suggested some newly released movies people might enjoy.

“My Big Fat Greek Wedding” is now available to rent and buy. The biggest romantic comedy of all time is about a Greek woman introducing her husband-to-be to her large, Windex-loving and often obnoxious family.

Smith suggested “The Bourne Identity.” Women can forget about their men issues with this Matt Damon vehicle.

If you prefer Ben Affleck to Damon (I did until he become a tabloid frenzy by dating J Lo), “Daredevil” opens up in theaters this Friday. Guys, if you need a reason to see this move, Jennifer Garner of ABC’s “Alias” is in it.

Hopefully these suggestions will help make this Friday seem less dreadful.

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