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Every student has their hobbies outside of school, but junior Lyndsie MacMasters’ hobby is a little different.

She is a professional boxer.

After boxing at the amateur level for two years, MacMasters’ trainer, Lonnie Noah, saw enough talent in her to go pro. So he scheduled a fight for her.

MacMasters’ first fight took place Feb. 2 at the Riviera Casino in Black Hawk. She put up a tough fight that went all four rounds, only losing by two points. Rounds are two minutes long with a one-minute break in between, and there can only be four maximum.

“It was a good fight and a good payoff for all of the hard training,” MacMasters’ said. “It was nerve-wracking. I was more nervous than I ever have been before, but once I got in there I was really pumped up to fight.”

The fighters were equally matched up, but her opponent had much more experience. Promoters were impressed with MacMasters’ ability, as was Noah.

“As far as destruction hits and attacks, she totally dominated,” Noah said. “I watched the tape of the fight and she should have won.”

MacMasters earned $700 for her first fight, but had to distribute 20 percent to her trainer and pay a fee to receive her pro boxing license.

MacMasters got her start in boxing at Noah’s College Fight Night, an event that takes place every 45 days and gives new boxers their first experience in the ring. She also attended, and still goes to, Noah’s boxing classes at the Pulse Fitness Center in Fort Collins. After only two years of boxing, MacMasters and Noah decided it would be a good idea for her to go pro.

Although MacMasters does not follow boxing very closely, she enjoys doing it herself.

“I don’t really follow all of the famous professional fights. This is not want I want for my career, it is just a nice hobby,” MacMasters said.

Her amateur record is 29-4-1, and even though her professional record is 0-1, Noah is certain that will change. Her next fight will be on April 20, followed by one in June and one in August.

“We are training now and we are never going to stop. We are going to a new level that she has never seen before,” Noah said. “She is not going to lose another fight because I did not train her the right way. She is going to win fights.”

MacMasters’ understands the meaning of hard work and does not get to sleep in anymore because of morning practices.

“Lonnie pushes us hard in class, and is really motivating,” MacMasters said. “I have never had a black eye in a fight, but I have had one being hit by a focus pad in training.”

Although MacMasters will probably not be participating in College Fight Night because of its amateur status, its future looks bright. MTV is currently looking at buying the program and expanding it more widely across the nation. One possibility is to take boxers to Cancun, Mexico, and broadcast the fights.

If everything goes how Noah’s and MacMasters’ plan, the only place for her to go is up.

“In this state, she is definitely one of the best boxers around,” Noah said.

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