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Authors: Patrick Crossland

A possible police impersonator is said to be driving a 1988 white Jeep Cherokee with the words “K-9” and “L-22” marked on the rear side of the vehicle, according to a release by Larimer County Sheriffs Office.

Police stopped the driver for a speeding violation on Feb. 9 and noticed police apparel in the vehicle, said Eloise Campanella, the press information officer for the Larimer County Sheriffs Office.

“They found a lot of police paraphernalia in his car,” Campanella said.

Campanella said no guns were found in the vehicle but two police-style Maglite Flashlights were found in the car.

The vehicle may have a blue or red bubble light on the dashboard and may have displayed flashing headlights known as “wig-wags.”

The driver is described as a 19-year-old white male with black hair and hazel eyes, approximately 5 feet 9 inches tall and 165 pounds. He may have been wearing a baseball cap with the word “POLICE” on the front.

The driver was not apprehended at the time he was pulled over because he was he was not caught in the act of impersonating an officer.

“We need a victim, we need the act,” Campanella said.

CSU Police spokesperson Bob Chaffee said the CSU Police department has had no complaints about the possible impersonator and was not aware of any vehicles of such nature.

Chaffee speculated about the meaning of “L-22,” saying it could mean anything, but that an “L” marking on CSUPD cars stood for “Lieutenant.”

“It could be something he’s seen on TV,” Chaffee said.

Police are encouraging anyone who has been approached or contacted by the possible police impersonator to contact Larimer County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Jim Sullivan at 498-5169.

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