Feb 102003
Authors: Melissa Pester

Through much controversy, the Colorado House Veterans and Military Affairs Committee passed a requirement Thursday for all public buildings and classrooms in the state to post “In God We Trust.”

With a 6-4 vote from the committee, the bill will now head to the full House of Representatives, where it could be passed, killed, amended or sent back to committee.

The bill would require public buildings and public school districts to post the official motto of the United States: “In God We Trust.” The U.S. adopted this motto in 1956.

The text that the House will examine says “the founding fathers believed devotedly that there was a God and that the unalienable rights of man were rooted in Him, as evidenced in their writings from the Mayflower Compact to the Constitution.”

It goes further to state that the motto recognizes that the U.S. was founded “under God.”

The purpose of the bill, according to its text, is to “foster patriotism, express confidence in the future, inculcate hope, instruct in humility, acknowledge the historical role of faith in our society and encourage the recognition of what is worthy of appreciation in society.”

The current text has the opportunity to be changed before passed by the State House, and even if passed by the State House it still has to be seen by a State Senate committee and the State Senate.

Bill sponsor Rep. Debbie Stafford, R-Aurora, said to Denver media Friday that posting “In God We Trust” in classrooms and public buildings is a show of support for soldiers about to put themselves in harm’s way.

She said it is as significant as flying the flag.

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